In the Real Madrid team, Benzema is regarded as a back pot. Benzema does state ups and downs, but he often burdened with infamy. Not long ago Benzema also publicly complained that he will always be the media no reason to attack. Now, the team is willing to "save" him.fifa 17 coins kaufen legal According to the England "Sun" revealed that Arsenal, Inter Milan and AC Milan are hoping to get Benzema.
The future of Aleksand Sanchez is not clear, Wenger needs to take precautions on the front line. In the professor's view, Benzema is very suitable for the gunmen's offensive system. In fact, Benzema in Lyon fame, Wenger has always wanted to take him to London. Although Benzema is now 30 years old, Wenger still did not give up the idea. In order to get Benzema, Arsenal is willing to offer him 40 million euros offer.

But in addition to Arsenal,
günstigsten fifa 17 coins seiten the Milan hutch also want to get Benzema. Deu Luo Fei Wu this summer will be Barcelona repurchase, AC Milan need to introduce new core of the front. Wholeheartedly want to revive the Inter Milan, but also hope that through the introduction of Benzema to enhance the strength of the front line.
But now the question is whether Real Madrid is willing to let go Benzema. Has a strong ability to control the Benzema, has been regarded as the best partner C Lo. And Benzema recently lose weight 10 pounds after the state greatly improved, Florentino has also appreciated his attention to him. Not long ago Benzema had publicly stated that he hoped to end his career at Bernabeu. Benzema can do so, to see the high level between him and Mora how to make a choice.