This article is geared towards anyone who loves FIFA 17. You probably want to be a better player and should know there are quite a few tips that can help with that. Continue reading for useful tips to get you to a more advanced level of play.

The cleats you should choose will depend on your skill level. If you are a beginner, you should purchase synthetic cleats. More advanced FIFA 17 players ought to use metal cleats, so they can plan on different kinds of fields.

Even if you have passed the ball, you aren't done yet. Try to position yourself where you can help the player with the ball. Good players will return the ball if assistance is needed.

Always attempt to avoid a collision between yourself and another player whenever possible. Do everything possible to predict your opponent's next location. Doing this will allow you to maintain control of the ball and reduce the chances of injury.

If there's a lot going on in the field, try passing the ball to your player in an empty space. That will give them time as the defenders approach them to figure out what to do next.

Always keep in mind that FIFA 17 is meant to be a Ultimate Team endeavor. It is important to remember that. If you don't play as a team, it will not benefit you. It is important to play on behalf of team, not for yourself. Your Ultimate Team will be successful if you sacrifice personal recognition for the sake of the team.

Lofted balls are hard to control. You should make low passes and whip the ball if you need to make a pass to another player because defenders are approaching. Lofted balls can be used if you're trying to pass to someone that's far away in an empty space.

You should use a tennis ball to practice your dribbling. Practicing with a small ball can help you get comfortable with making constant adjustments using your feet, and that helps you maintain control. When you get used to a smaller ball, dribbling a FIFA 17 ball is going to be a lot easier.

Always keep your Ultimate Team in mind as you continue to try to improve your individual FIFA 17 skills. The whole Ultimate Team has to work together, so setting Ultimate Team goals is key.

Practice set plays to improve decision making skills. An example would be working with your teammates to practice corner kicks or direct shots. When you practice these plays regularly, you can use them wisely during games. This will up your winning chances.

It is important to wear the right kind of shoe for the field surface of your FIFA 17 game. For instance, grass players should choose cleats with sufficient traction. Outdoor shoes generally have firm cleats that are permanent. These cleats come in a variety of patterns used to help you grip the ground firmly.

You need to educate yourself to become a great FIFA 17 player. You also need to practice. Hopefully, the information you have learned here will help you to develop into a stronger player. Continue learning to stay on top of your game.