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Thread: Ice breaking

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    alba Guest

    Default Ice breaking

    Let us start with some kind of ice breaking session so that we know each other better.. Let me start first..
    I am Alba.. I live in Malaysia..
    I use to drive a Honda Accord and a Proton Saga.. I also have a 175cc Kawasaki Eliminator..
    I just installed one device in my Proton Saga and still checking its efficiency.. I intend to install in all my motors in the near future.. But its not easy to find the correct electrode in my hometown..

  2. Default Hello

    Did you make the kit yourself? or did you buy it?

    Explain a little more about your setup, using which electrolyte, which electrode setup/material how many amps drawing etc?

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    alba Guest


    I just happened to find this HHO things by accidently.. Since I thought it is viable to use the idea so why don't I try.. I am not an affiliate of Water4Gas yet, but am looking forward to (not sure about the payment - don't have the credit card or what)..
    For the electrodes, the best I could do is using guitar string no 1.. Never succeed using any other materials.. But you know, the guitar string is so thin, I don't think I got enough bubbles..
    I use pure baking soda as the elecrolyte..
    So what do you think?

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    fosgate3 Guest


    My name is Glen and I live in north Louisiana. I work as a school psychologist in a south Arkansas school district.

    I drive a 2007 Saturn Ion3, 2.2L, as my primary ride and have a 1995 F150 V8 as a "work" vehicle on the w/ends when I need to haul something. Initially, I was going to do all the hho mods on the truck and then replicate for the car but with the price of gasoline constantly increasing, I am tired of waiting.

    I have a Injen cold air intake system on the car. The car got 29mpg when I bought it, in spite of the 32mpg rating. With the intake, it averages 32mpg. I'm wanting to get more out of it, hence my interest in hho cells. I drive about 80miles one way to work so anything will help.

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    Rocket Guest

    Default Hello from California

    My name is Heath and I am an HHO addict.

    I'm just kidding, I live in California and my commute consists of 86 miles (depending on my rout) one way and I start at about 3000 ft elevation and work at 8000 ft. I drive a 1991 Toyota 4x4 v6 with 32 in all terrain tires. I have not seen better than roughly 14 miles per gallon overall since I started this commute. I stumbled across this subject last week and decided to build a generator using stainless steel electrodes (bolts with large washers stacked on them) in distilled water with baking soda as my catalyst. I have the output running into my air intake near the throttle body. This morning I recorded 16.4 miles per gallon overall (2.5 mpg increase or 15% ) I am getting close to 20 now in the highway which unfortunately is not my entire drive but I'll take it. I think if I revisited my electrode and electro light set up I can get it up to 25%. An added benefit has been a slight increase in power. The engine seem to be a little more responsive. I think this thing works, I know lots of people say its a joke but results are results and I will take any savings I can get.

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    Ronjinsan Guest


    Hey, you are absolutely right, I dont care what people think, all I know is I am getting much better mileage than they are! :-)

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    gasmakr Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Ronjinsan View Post
    Hey, you are absolutely right, I dont care what people think, all I know is I am getting much better mileage than they are! :-)
    AMEN to that......

  8. Default North LA

    Hey Glen, I live in Bossier City. Howdy neighbor. I know it works as well, I measured an increase of 4 Mpg with my 3/4 ton Cummins.

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    Ronjinsan Guest


    Wow you guys have such Biiig engines over there. I'm just happy for you that your fuel prices are still reasonable! Iam so glad we dont have such big engines to cope with! 8-)

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    hamcampro Guest

    Default Omaha, NE

    Hi, my name is Mark. I live in Omaha, Nebraska. My primary mode of transportation is my cow. Kidding. I drive a 94 Nissan Altima that gets about 24mpg city. As of now, I have a working generator consisting of a stainless steel coil, pvc, bubbler, still using baking soda, and injecting into air intake just after the MAF sensor. Will be adjusting my O2 sensor before taking accurate mpg. Hoping to have a bigger difference after the adjustment. Glad to have a place to talk and compare ideas with. Heres to better mileage.

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