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Thread: Ice breaking

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    Hi,my name is ashmir,i guess im the youngest here.im 18 years old and start build hho last year and now going for dry cell.Im malaysian..I also have difficulty of finding the part..huh..

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    Smile A newbie from way down under...

    Hi, I'm Martin from New Zealand. I joined this forum a few weeks ago to find out more about HHO. I'm a mechanical engineer with an electrical bent (the company I work for sells large diesel generators for standby and prime power), for which I have a reasonably large hand in designing the installations for. Quite interesting work which I enjoy quite a bit.
    The price of petrol (as gas is know here) is getting more & more expensive - another 6 cents/liter now. It will be NZ$1.90 per liter next week (Our dollar is about USD0.70 at the moment).
    I've nearly got every component for a 5"x5" dry cell (my first build), so am looking for a short-cut for cutting gaskets out. I am using 3mm Nitrile, which is reasonably cheap and this thickness should allow plenty of flow. Just bought a small 1gpm diaphragm pump yesterday, so that should ensure an adequate flow, and hopefully long life. It even has a 35psi cutout!
    I've found it takes quite a bit of time to get to know where to get all the materials from. We do have large hardware stores here, but most of what they sell is cheap tools & basic household supplies.
    I drive a daily round trip of 105km, and do about 10.4L/100km, so any savings would be really great. Fuel use for my car has been documented by me for a couple of years now, so I should be able to see results pretty quickly - I hope.
    I've read quite a few of the blogs on this site, particularly Painless' experiments in HHO. WOW! What a blog! So many things tried for such a small gain. A real tough ECU! I hope mine is easier. It's a Nissan Primera (G20 in the US). I bet that there are countless people that have learned so much from your successes & failures. You're one of the reasons I'm building a dry cell as my first build, and not a smack-type wet cell.
    I've also got a couple of ideas which might work for where I live (it almost never gets cold enough to freeze here -we had icy roads two or three times last year). One is to reduce short circuit current through the electrolyte supply hole in the bottom of the plates by inserting a small piece of the gasket material into the hole so that it has the form of a split tube from end plate to end plate, thus decreasing the available path for any current through the hole, and possibly more evenly distributing the returned electrolyte between the plates. I haven't tried this yet, but it looks like a relatively easy solution to the short-circuiting-through-the-hole-problem.
    Another idea is to make some sort of cooler, to keep the thermal runaway in check, by making a plastic cooler mounted in front of the radiator for the electrolyte. This could be made of HDPE gardening tube - the kind that garden irrigation systems are made of. HDPE conducts heat quite well for a plastic, about 2 - 3 times as well as PVC or polypropylene, so if there is enough of it, some 6-12 feet I reckon, cable tied to a piece of mesh in front of the radiator with the pump drawing the fluid through it into the drycell, it should stay cool enough to stand a bit more abuse that it would normally, and possibly increase production as a result - anyone tried anything like this?
    Really glad I found this forum, as it is a wealth of information, inspiration and ideas - particularly to the moderators for all the work that they do to keep things going well.


  3. Default my name says it all

    Poor White Trash Engineering.
    and i run a mobile welding and mechanic service in the houston ,tx area and have designed a cell myself and learned alot about this and think its going to catch on and get really big before long but big money wont touch it cause its free energy and they want to keep people stupid and buy their gadgets (like this uria injector) where they can patent it and sell it so i'm into designing and manufacturing efficient cells that are stupid simple to maintain and sell them cheap to everyone and no i'm not going to patent it that would defeat the purpose its not my thing.
    its free energy for everyone and if you dont want to build one i will sell you a good one thats easy to use
    the only thing you cant do is the thing you dont want to do

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    My name is Kurtis and i am very interested. I will be reading a lot now.

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    I found this site from a poster at a Toyota forum.
    I built a wet cell back in 2007 and got into a divorce before I could finish my homework and install it in my 2005 Silverado.
    Here it is 5 years later and I find (from reading this site) that the wet cell is outdated technology, or beginner stuff.
    I have been learning a lot about the dry cell and am planning to built a 13 plate (-nnnnn+nnnnn-) cell.
    I found a site that will cut-to-size 6"X8" 316 plates, no minum order, for $10.07 per pound, that is about $115.00 plus ground shipping.
    I have to find either 3/4 to 1" plexy glass, or PVC for the ends.
    I already have an amp meter and a 30 amp fuse, and a bubbler.
    I have researched an EFIE that should fit my test car (1996 Toyota Tercel) and once I am satisfied with my results, I plan to transfer the set-up to my 2009 Hyundai Tucson.
    I live in Connecticu, USA, and a few of my co-workers question me daily as to my progress, because I showed them my wet cell last week.
    Thanks to all who have gone before me and shared their knowledge and experiences with the rest of us.
    Last edited by 19TERCEL96; 03-29-2012 at 10:47 PM. Reason: Double checked, the plates were 316, not 316L

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    Hi everyone, I'm cullen. I found out about hho whwn researching alternative fuel. I'm planning on an 11 cell dry cell and efei/map sensor emhancements for my a6 2.7 biturbo. Hoping to go from ~20 to 30+mpg with a good setup (but i realize this might be a stretch.)

    I used to have a 240rwhp turbo miata so I know my way around cars fairly well. Hopefully this hho thing is all its cracked up to be!

  7. Smile hello

    Quote Originally Posted by hooty View Post
    So, I've already posted elsewhere, but I might as well give you all an introduction.

    I'm an IT professional, working in a network engineering role. I love cars, I have 3 of them with 2 parked due to gas prices and not being happy with 15 mpg downhill with a good strong tailwind. I'm a bit of a sarcastic type, but I try to keep it in check. I found this forum because I am trying to learn as much as I can before taking the plunge and trying to build an HHO system (as the fact is, I am 600 miles away from home for at least another month).

    I see a lot of the "buy our PDF now" links and it pains me to see something so valuable covered up in the skin of snake oil where no one wants to take a viable, valid technology and try it out. The fact of the matter being, what really got my looking at it is when one of my favorite Web shows did a deal on HHO and made it look to be unrealistic. It was at that point when I realized that they had totally missed a number of variables in the equation, so to speak. I am hoping that within a month or so that I will feel comfortable enough with seeing other's designs and structures and feedback to the point that I will feel comfortable taking the plunge.

    OH and 1 more thing, advise and the words 'cut to the chase' are always welcome.

    Hi I live in Colorado and got start with the HHO thing by a friend that told me about it. I have built 1 generator using a small mouth mason jar with distilled water and baking soda. The configuration I used is 4 plates one positive one negative and 2 in between with 1/8" spacing. it produces 1ltr a minute right now. I have a bubble tank just for safety. I have tried different mixes and the best is 1 quart of distilled with 1 1/2 table spoons of baking soda.
    I have done a lot of research before I tried this. I also blew the lid of the first bubble tank by lighting of the gas made a big bang. I would be very careful with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alba View Post
    I just happened to find this HHO things by accidently.. Since I thought it is viable to use the idea so why don't I try.. I am not an affiliate of Water4Gas yet, but am looking forward to (not sure about the payment - don't have the credit card or what)..
    For the electrodes, the best I could do is using guitar string no 1.. Never succeed using any other materials.. But you know, the guitar string is so thin, I don't think I got enough bubbles..
    I use pure baking soda as the elecrolyte..
    So what do you think?
    What do you want to know about hho?
    send me an email with questions.
    there are several materials around and difference ways to construct
    a cell.

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