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Thread: Ice breaking

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    Ronjinsan Guest


    Kewl pleased to meet you Hamcampro... we love all sorts of input from people who want to make a go of it......the day we get the sceptics on here I leave!...LOL

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    hooty Guest

    Default A bit about me

    So, I've already posted elsewhere, but I might as well give you all an introduction.

    I'm an IT professional, working in a network engineering role. I love cars, I have 3 of them with 2 parked due to gas prices and not being happy with 15 mpg downhill with a good strong tailwind. I'm a bit of a sarcastic type, but I try to keep it in check. I found this forum because I am trying to learn as much as I can before taking the plunge and trying to build an HHO system (as the fact is, I am 600 miles away from home for at least another month).

    I see a lot of the "buy our PDF now" links and it pains me to see something so valuable covered up in the skin of snake oil where no one wants to take a viable, valid technology and try it out. The fact of the matter being, what really got my looking at it is when one of my favorite Web shows did a deal on HHO and made it look to be unrealistic. It was at that point when I realized that they had totally missed a number of variables in the equation, so to speak. I am hoping that within a month or so that I will feel comfortable enough with seeing other's designs and structures and feedback to the point that I will feel comfortable taking the plunge.

    OH and 1 more thing, advise and the words 'cut to the chase' are always welcome.


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    Ronjinsan Guest


    You got it Hooty.....I'll do my best, as I'm sure all the guys on here will!

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    rigidchop Guest


    hello all, i am a skeptic. i built my first generator yesterday, a very crude example, and was suprised that it even worked. so now i plan on building a better example. my goal is not to spend more than $25, just to see what happens. can it be done?

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    Ronjinsan Guest


    Of course it can but.....if you spend little you will get what you pay for. It would be a pity for you to waste a lot of time proving something that has been proven over and over, because in the end you will be a bigger sceptic and disappointed too. Then you will go telling people that you did it and only got 200ml in 2 minutes of gas and then we have more sceptics! Experiment with cheap bits until you feel that you can do something better, then buy the right stuff once and for all and build one that you will be happy with! Dont know what you will get with $25 but yes it will work. We built one in a plastic tupperware container with 2 SS cups and it produced very well, needless to say it overheated and melted the container! Futile exercise!

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    Sparkie Guest

    Default G'day from down under

    My name is Peter, from Australia and I am a Sparkie.(electrician) I have a 3.2l V6 Holden Jackaroo or Isuzu trooper to you Yanks
    It is a fuel guzzler. Especially with the bigger tires.
    I don't know the MPG but it is woeful. Fuel is getting up to $1.50+/L where I live and it keeps climbing. So I decided to look at all the snake oil remedies for bringing the fuel usage down.
    When I found out about this I decided that if I can build it myself it must be worth a try.
    Found a lot of sites which try to sell the complete units which are overpriced to say the least and probably cheap s**t.
    When I found out about the Smack dude who made one and ran several tests with some other dudes and didn't try to sweet talk anyone into buying it, I looked a bit further and found ZeroFossillFuels who was very knowledgeable and easy to understand I was hooked. thank heaven for Youtube.
    Anyway I am in the process of getting all the bits together and building a Smack type unit.
    Between us all we should come up with a hho unit which kicks some serious booty!


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    Hitchhiker Guest


    I just started reading about HHO generators a few days ago and have become interested in building one to use on my Jeep Wrangler. I'll be watching these forums for more information as I learn more about this process.

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    sandracer Guest


    Greetings all! My name is Lee, I`m a motorcycle technician by trade, act as crew chief for a Class1 desert race team. I guess you could say I kind of a car freak. I live on the Central Coast of California, where I am now paying $4.85 per gallon for 91 octane. I drive a 2002 Acura RSX Type-S with the "usual" mods for performance. I commute 86 miles a day & my little rocket gets 29~31 mpg on average. I just found out about this cool technology from one of my fellow racers that is running a system on his V8 Dodge Durango & getting 24 mpg.
    My first cell is going to be a Smack`s Booster, with some ecu tuning to help the get the mixture correct. I`m sure that it will not be the final booster I build but it looks to be a simple way to learn.
    By the way my goal is to be able to knock down 40 MPG while still being able to hit 12 second quarter miles! (Nitrous is such a fun thing) We shall see where it ends up!

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    Ronjinsan Guest


    Hiya Lee and welcome to the forums. You should perhaps go to General discussions and get into the posts there...more people will get to know you that way. Your considerable experience with NOS will prove very interesting and you may be able to answer some of the more tricky electronic questions that get asked! Cheers

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    tbhavsar Guest



    I am Tushar; I live in New Jersey and my round trip work commute is 50 Miles. I drive Honda Accord 1995 LX with Current MPG ~28 w/o any modifications.

    I am new to this forum and I am in the process of making the electrode now; yesterday bought some hardware from Sears; I would be first experimenting and posting Images and Results.

    Congratulations to Experts on their Success!

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