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Thread: Ice breaking

  1. Default Welcome

    Welcome the the group tushar, we have several people here that have had great success with HHO. If you need answers please post away.
    2006 Ram, 5.9 cummins HO. 4 cell design, 1.5 [email protected], 24.3 MPG

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    Dean88 Guest


    Howdy, My name is Caleb Dean, I live in a very rural area of Texas called Roscoe.

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    Ronjinsan Guest


    Welcome to the forums Caleb. I hope you find good information here and resonably sane answers to any questions you may have. I look forward to reading your posts..Cheers

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    xtremerydz Guest


    Hello, my name is Lee, I live in british Columbia Canada. I first learnt of HHO from a relative of mine and decided to build a simple cell just to see how it works. Lets just say being an automotive technician i was impressed!! The one thing though that ****ed me off is all the people out there trying to make a buck off of the technology(wich has been around fo a long time). I'm am currently working on a larger HHO cell for my mini van due to the 11mpg I could use a boost in mpg. I will offer up any ideas I have and will make sure to share freely after all free energy should be free

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    gasmakr Guest


    Hey all been away for a wile but i'm finally back it's great to see all the new members and the energy they bring to the group!

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    Ronjinsan Guest


    Hi Xtremerydz

    Welcome to the forums.....we dont worry too much about the people trying to make a buck....thats natural law of progression, on the other hand we will be sure to give you any help we can, just post when you need it as we are lucky to have several resident Gurus on the site like my friend gasmakr....welcome back I missed your helpful answers, nice to see you again! I am still trying to make this a nice site to come to with no naysayers and idiots just serious learners!...

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    dennis13030 Guest

    Default Call Me Dennis

    My name is Dennis. I live in Arizona(near Phoenix). I'm an Electronics Engineer and have been for a long time. I'm pretty good with mechanical stuff and computers.

    I'm thinking "If I could find a way to make lots of money and save the planet at the same time, that would be great." Is HHO the answer? I don't know yet but I am learning about it and so far it has possibilities.

    I'm also thinking that "If enough of us band together to perfect this technology, we could make loads of money and save the planet."

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    amwewa66 Guest

    Default Florida HHO researcher

    Hi all

    I am Andy from Tarpon Springs Florida. I drive a 2000 GMC Yukon XL 5.3 Liter and have started the research into building an HHO generator. Well with the direction I am going in it is going to be more like a HHO reactor than a generator.

    I am changing out the stock alternator with a 200 amp alternator, changing the plugs and wires to racing quality equipment. I will also be removing the catalytic converter.

    I am in the process of building a dual connected chamber electrolysis gas separator or an H shaped device. The H chamber will then be encased in a reservoir and cooled with circulating antifreeze through a small fan cooled tranny radiator. I will be using a pump to circulate the catalyst solution into bubbler to maintain catalyst solution flow and bubble break up.

    My catalyst mix will be water, methanol and potassium carbonate. The hydrogen will then flow into a decissent filter and then into a holding chamber which will then have the hydrogen gas pumped into the air intake and manifold via a vacuum line. The oxygen will be vented out of the vehicle to the outside.

    By using the above stated catalyst solution and hi amps I should be producing anywhere between 5 and 10 L/min of hydrogen.

    I will be using the new COSM III to control all of the electronics and will be backing the O2 sensor out of the exhaust pipe. I will also be using a fuel heater to increase gasoline vaporizing and mixing with the hydrogen.

    The entire unit will be housed remotley in the rear luggage compartment of the SUV and should only be 3X3X2 externally vented enclousure.

    If anyone has any suggestion or comments please post them and shoot me an email. All interaction is welcome and is used to broaden my thought process because I have McGyveritis.

    [email protected]
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    rmptr Guest


    My name is Rich,
    The cost of fuel is too high for me to NOT participate in HHO HOD.
    I hope to be able to contribute with affordable options.

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    Dean88 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by amwewa66 View Post
    Hi all

    I will also be removing the catalytic converter.

    [email protected]

    Howdy, be sure to keep the guts of your cat because it goes for quite a bit of cash. I sold the cat from a 76 F150 for $75 dollars to a guy that recycles the cats for platinum (I think).

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