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Thread: 21 Plate Drycell issues, need some help please!

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    Default 21 Plate Drycell issues, need some help please!

    Hello everyone, first post on this forum

    I ran into some problems with my new drycell set up and came here to seek some help and much needed advice!

    Itīs a 21 plate (4N) drycell with 24"^2 of active surface area (per plate).

    Here is a video of my set up:

    Iīm using 135g of KOH in 1L of destiled water. With the PWM turned at 100%, the ammeter was reading 10A as you can see in the video. This means that If I want to pull more amps I just add more KOH right?

    Anyways, I let it run for 5min, it was putting out 0.5L in <40sec, no problem so far! The water wasnīt even warm.

    After that, I turned my engine on and saw the ameter jump to 16A and let it run for 2min. Then I noticed a few concerning things... The plates had burn marks around the holes and a burn line were the water level was at This can be seen in the photos.
    Also, there are bubbles forming on the brass hose connector at the bottom. Is this voltage leaking?

    I have no ideia why this is happening. The cell seemed to have good water flow with the big hoses (although the water level in the cell concerned me). I stopped the production immediatly.

    What should I do here?
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